Abbrevations for industries used in the ADR-Directory. The classification is provided by the Bank of New York. Please use the "Back-Button" of your browser to go back to the ADR-Directory or go to the ADR Table of Contents.

AER Aerospace/Defense Electronics
AIR Airlines
AUT Autos, Auto Parts
BKS Banks
BEV Beverages
BIO Biotechnology
CER Ceramics
CHM Chemicals
COA Coal
COM Computers: Main Frame & Hardware
CSC Computers: Semiconductors
CSN Computers: Software & Networking
CSV Computer Service/Parts
CST Construction & Building Materials
CLE Consumer Electronics/Parts
COP Cosmetics & Personal Care
DEB All Debt Securities
DRU Drugs/Healthcare
EEI Electrical Equipment
EES Energy Equipment & Services
ENG Engineering
ENT Entertainment/Leisure/Toys
FOD Food products/Agribusiness
GAM Gaming
HCG Household Products & Appliances
HOT Hotels/Leisure
INS Insurance
INV Investment & Financial Services
LUX Luxury Goods
MAN Manufacturing
MCH Machinery
MED Media/Entertainment
MER Merchandising
MIN Mining & Minerals
MUL Multi - Industry
OFF Office Equipment/Supplies
OGS Oil & Natural Gas
OTH Other (business & public)
PAP Paper & Forest Products
PHO Photographic Equipment & Supplies
PLA Plastic Products
PPP Packaging/Printing
PUB Publishing
RES Restaurants
RRS Railroads
REL Real Estate
RET Retailing
RUB Rubber Goods & Tires
SER Services
SHP Shipbuilding
STE Steel
SVC Specialty Services
TEC Technology/Miscellaneous
TEL Telecommunications
TEX Textiles
TOB Tobacco
TRN Transportation: Freight & Storage
UTI Utilities-Gas/Electric
WAS Waste Management