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Bloomberg International Television
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  • Bloomberg Television Spain
    For all the latest business and financial news in Spanish, all day every day. Continuous market updates, news bulletins and interviews. Watch the day unfold with Bloomberg Television.
BBC Business programmes
  • World Business Report
    Broadcasting five times a day on the BBC World Service, World Business Report covers the key business issues of the moment and captures the drama of the global financial markets. Each edition focuses on a different region, Asia at 1045 GMT, Europe at 1630 GMT, South Asia at 1645 GMT, Africa at 1815GMT, and Wall Street and the Americas at 2105.

Argentine Stock Market
CIA World Factbook:Argentina
Geographic, demographic, government, economic and military information. Includes a flag and map image.

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Business & Company News

More Latin-American News >>>

Company Research

Profiles for companies from Wright Investors' Service:

  • Research Reports: of corporations listed in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. These research reports are being updated on a quarterly basis and are avalable via E-mail or regular mail on a yearly subscription basis.
  • Buenos Aires listed companies
  • Buenos Aires securities by market

The Financial Ad Trader
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Economic Monitor

Economy at a Glance
Links to the Government
Links to Statistical Resources
Other Economic Resources
  • The Centro de Economía Internacional - CEI (Center for International Economics) is an organization depending on the International Economic Relations Secretariat of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship. Its main purpose is to produce both short and long term studies in order to monitor and analyze the main tendencies of the world economy and their implications for Argentina and Mercosur, as well as the continual follow up on the economic performance of Mercosur Member States.
  • Buenos Aires Trust Company Weekly Reports: Outline of the economy and view on the capital markets. Very comprehensive and informative.
  • Monthly Economic Reports by Fundación Invertir
  • Latinamerica on the Net: Economy and Finances of all Latin American countries.
  • Latin Focus - Argentina. Very comprehensive and informative.

Online Trading, Banks & Brokerages

Central Bank of Argentina
Online Trading:

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