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Global Equity Research
Here you find a selection of free and subscription-based content ($$$), covering global equity markets. More country-specific research is available in the respective country section of this site.
  • Global corporate information on the leading companies in over 55 countries. CorporateInformation contains extensive new analyses reports available by subscription. ($$$)
  • CitiBank SmithBarney Equity Market Weekly:  CBSB publishes the weekly  Equity Market Weekly report for their view of the equity market over the past week and for the week ahead.

  • Standard & Poor's Equity Research provides a single authoritative source of unbiased equity analysis and opinion. A worldwide team of equity analysts cover approximately 2,000 stocks globally. ($$$)

   United States of America:

  • Zacks Equity Research combines quantitative models with the insight provided by experienced equity analysts to create superior long-term stock recommendations.
  • Morningstar: With 90 analysts providing research on more than 1,800 companies, Morningstar is one of the largest independent sources for equity analysis in the world.
  • Beacon Equity Research is committed to producing the highest-quality investment research, and helping investors make informed decisions. Our focus is primarily on the underserved small cap market, which has traditionally been shunned by Wall Street.
  • Jacobs Levy Equity Management is widely recognized as a leading provider of quantitative equity strategies for institutional clients.