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Australia Australia
ASX Sydney: Daily market data, news, quotes and other useful information.
Bangladesh Bangladesh
Dhaka Stock Exchange: General information and statistics.
Sri Lanka Ceylon
Colombo Stock Exchange: Daily stock market updates from Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Thorough introduction and history, plus a wide range of market data.

India India
Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited: Some information.
National Stock Exchange of India: Comprehensive market data and information.
Indonesia Indonesia
Jakarta Stock Exchange: Daily information and summaries, company information and more.
Iran Iran
Tehran Stock Exchange: Daily trades and exchange information.
Japan Japan
Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE): Market data and information, company listings and more.
Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE): Market data and information, company listings and more.
Malaysia Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange: Information on the KLSE and the Malaysian securities industry, including daily market report and indices
Mongolia Mongolia
Mongolian Stock Exchange: Quotations and market data / information.
New Zealand New Zealand
New Zealand Stock Exchange: Market and company information.
Karachi Stock Exchange: Market data and information.
Philippines Philippines
Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE): General information.
Singapore Singapore
Singapore Stock Exchange: Quotes, charts, statistics, general information.
South Korea South Korea
Korea Stock Exchange: Market summaries and statistics, general information
Taiwan Taiwan
Taiwan Stock Exchange: Daily market summary and statistics, general information.
Thailand Thailand
Thailand Stock Exchange: Provides Thai stock news and real time share prices.