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Austria Austria
Vienna Stock Exchange: Telnet server...
The Baltic Exchange: Daily listings of the BIFFEX and Handy shipping indexes.
Belgium Belgium
Brussels Exchanges: Market data, trading summaries, company information etc.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Bulgarian Stock Exchange endeavors to provide wide range of up to date information in its WWW site, to offer quality service to the investors in Bulgaria and abroad and to meet the growing needs for information on the Bulgarian securities market.
Croatia Croatia
Zagreb Stock Exchange: Market data, trading summaries, company information etc.
Cyprus Cyprus
Cyprus Stock Exchange: Market data, information for investors and listed companies.
Czech Republik Czech Republic
Prague Stock Exchange: Market data and trading information.
Denmark Denmark
Copenhagen Stock Exchange: Facts and figures about the Exchange, its activities and markets - the share, bond, and FUTOP markets. In addition, you may find price information on all securities listed.
Estonia Estonia
Tallinn Stock Exchange - Reflects Estonian capital market, online price information and company news, daily statistics, rules and regulations, TALSE index.
Europe Europe
Equiduct -
Equiduct will be a Belgian regulated pan-European Regulated Market and has been created to address the sweeping changes being introduced by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) with respect to European equities impacting all European investment firms from November 2007.
Finland Finland
Helsingin Arvopaperipörssi - Helsinki Stock Exchange: Service includes information such as closing prices, HEX indices, daily values of mutual fund units, and company annoucements sent to the Stock Exchange by listed companies. Links to real-time services are also provided.
France France
Bourse de Paris: General information and market data.
Le Nouveau Marché: General market and company information
Germany Germany
Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB) Market data (Real Time) and other vital information. Other exchanges: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Neuer Markt, Stuttgart
Great Britain Great Britain
The London Stock Exchange: General information.
Greece Greece
Athens Stock Exchange: Daily market data, company information
Hungary Hungary
Budapest Stock Exchange - data, charts, indexes and company information.
Italy Italy
Italian Stock Exchange - La Borsa Valori Italiana - market data, listed companies profile, intermediaries, options and futures.
Latvia Latvia
Riga Stock Exchange: Trading results, market data and other vital information.
Lithuania Lithuania
National Stock Exchange of Lithuania: Daily quotes and market data, information on regulations and the market.
Luxemburg Luxemburg
Luxembourg Stock Exchange: Market data and information.
Macedonia Macedonia
Macedonian Stock Exchange: Information and history MSE.
Malta Malta
Malta Stock Exchange: General information, daily updates
Moldova Moldova
Moldova Stock Exchange: General information and statistics.
Netherlands Netherlands
Amsterdam Stock Exchange: The central Dutch Exchange for stocks, bonds, options and futures
Norway Norway
Oslo Stock Exchange: Market data and statistics, company and other vital information.
Poland Poland
Warsaw Stock Exchange: Market data and information.
Portugal Portugal
Lisbon Stock Exchange: Market data and information.
Romania Romania
Bucharest Stock Exchange: Currently, there are 115 members and 72 traded companies, out of which 12 companies are listed on the first tier.
Slovenia Slovenia
Ljubljana Stock Exchange: General market information, daily and monthly trading results.
Spain Spain
Bolsa de Barcelona - Spain: Spanish service.
Bolsa de Madrid - Madrid Stock Exchange: Daily market data and trading statistics, general market and company information.
Sweden Sweden
Stockholm Stock Exchange: Comprehensive market data and statistics.
Switzerland Switzerland
Swiss Stock Exchange: Comprehensive market data and statistics, including Real Time Data.
Turkey Turkey
Istanbul Stock Exchange: Market data and information.
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Belgrade Stock Exchange: General information about listings and companies.