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Daytrading Resources
Check these great books on daytrading...
  • NEW Stocktrade Network: Lieber & Weissman Securities LLC is a professional trading firm. "LWS" takes no customer accounts. All of our LLC members are professional traders.
  • SP Trading: Day trading signals for the S&P 500 stock index used by high-profile portfolio managers
  • Wall Street Courier - The Daytrader's Site: Market Behaviors, Indicators, Techniques and Strategies for Daytraders.
  • DayTrading Institute: We are a school dedicated to teaching our students how to day trade the S&P 500™ and Dow Jones™ Futures markets. Founded by Industry Professional and trading veteran, Thomas L. Busby, in 1996, DayTrading Institute has provided quality instruction to students from all over the country.
  • Daytrading.net is a Professional daytrading firm specializing in Remote Access trading. We provide our member traders with the most powerful Internet based Professional / Institutional Order Entry Trading Platform available.
  • Daytraders Stock Picks is a daily investment newsletter run by daytraders for daytraders
  • Online Trading Academy: We are the largest online trading school in the country! We offer a state-of-the-art teaching facility and professional instruction to train you. Our training program is geared toward individual investors, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools to trade like the professional traders on Wall Street.
  • Day Trading S&P 500 Futures: Links to futures day trading sites, futures quotes, S&P 500 futures sites, Options, Futures.
  • Traderspain.com: Information and services for people day trading stocks or doing short term investing in the stock market. Computer model generated buy/sell signals. No market orders. No open positions over night.
  • NAASA Project Group on Daytrading published a report, which is primarily intended to assist state securities regulators in understanding, and responding to, the issues posed by the day trading industry. It may also serve as a word of caution for those who believe that day trading offers a viable career opportunity, or that frenetic trading is an alternative to prudent, diversified, long-term investing.
  • Day Traders Online: Market research for short term investing as well as day trading.
  • Trade Vision provides training for electronic day traders who utilize SOES, Island, Selectnet, Level II real time quotes, and dynamic, comprehensive charting.
  • Daytraders Bulletin: With our unique, Real-Time Signals, the Bulletin makes short-term and intraday trades, locating low risk entry points for quick profits, yet we stay in trades for the larger moves when they occur.
  • The Pristine Day Trader: Daily stock recommendations for active traders!
  • The Executioner: Online broker offering fast executions with confirmations in as few as 2 seconds. Free "dynamic" real-time quotes. Free Nasdaq Level II quotes. Free intra-day charting. Ability to trade before and after market hours.


Global Penny Stocks; 8K

  • NEW Stock Picks Central - Investing For You: Providing weekly hot stock picks with extraordinary near-term market potential. Free quotes, analysis, investing tools and e-list.
  • NEW InternetPlays.com: Daily Picks, Penny Picks, and Large Cap picks make this the site of choice for the active trader.
  • Lonewolfstocks.com - A Way of Thinking: The feelings of thousands of traders merge into huge psychological tides that move markets. Join and learn to use these tides to be profitable.
  • Traders Depot: Stock Picks and Stock Tips. Stock newsletter featuring growth stocks that can triple your profits. Trading strategies and tips to make money trading stocks. Free newsletter about stock market picks, market timing and trading. Free current small cap stock pick sample.
  • Hussman Econometrics Market Climate Analysis and Outlook: Free "Market Climate" outlook and commentary based on a unique, proprietary, and historically reliable combination of fundamental and technical analysis.
  • The Inside Advisor continually searches for those stocks with huge upside potential and very little downside risk.
  • Investorville is the fastest-growing online investing community providing hundreds of investing and stock topics as well as a free newsletter.
  • Profit Picks - Free stock picks, model portfolios and rumor plays from the most trusted sources in the world!
  • Investor's Advantage by Stockimetrics, Inc. - Offers stock market investment recommendations for high growth results. Quarterly selection of ten “Hot Stock” picks with guaranteed results.
  • Dear Dow: The weekly Dear Dow Letter, since January of 1976, gives clear buy and sell signals on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 Index, and the S&P 500 Futures.
  • Green & Company, Inc.: Publisher of the "1998 Trader Tax Guide & Questionnaire" (c) and "1998 Trader Tax Return Examples Guide" (c), both to be used in 1999 for filing 1998 Trader tax returns. These are the only up to date trader tax guides on the market based on new 1999 IRS regulations.
  • Goldstock investment advice ensures trading profits by showing people exactly when to buy and sell stocks, and options. We specialize in the trading of stocks in the top ten gold mining companies, gold and silver futures themselves as well as options on the gold and silver index (called the XAU) and gold mining stocks.
  • Tulips and Bears: Free stock market newsletter provides contrary investing opinion for thinking traders. Global stocks and markets are covered with stock, sector, and country timing picks from both the long and short side. Tulips and Bears uses a proprietary method that combines technical analysis, investor psychology, and value investing to identify profitable investing opportunities.
  • Stockz.com: Provides a stock pick of the week, short term picks, long term picks, option picks, and mutual fund picks free to the public.
  • Market Commentaries
    Here we bring you opinions and commentaries of traders and investors. Many of them are published in magazines like Barron's and quoted on TV.
  • Market Mavens Sections: Updated Daily
    15 investment sectors and 30+ top analysts quoted each week with their best Buy, Sell & Hold recommendations and it's all FREE! Most of the analysts now offer links to FREE back issues of their investment newsletters.
  • Economic and Market Commentary by Dain Rauscher, the nations tenth largest full-service securities firm.
  • Russell's Quarterly Commentary and Performance of Russell Indices
  • Federally Insured Savings Network (FISN) specializes in FDIC insured certificates of deposit. FISN researches certificates of deposit (CDs) from across the nation to find the safest and highest CD rates. FISN has been serving conservative investors in Washington, DC since 1983. The Best Current CD Rates are updated daily.
  • Federal Filing's Industry Review and Outlook covers 8 industries and offers in depth articles.
  • Day Traders Online: Information and services for people day trading stocks or doing short term investing in the market. Members receive timely market research and broadcasts of stock tips and news. Members can also share information about hot stocks with the group in real time. Check out the stock market Resources and Trading Strategies areas. The service is low-cost and a two-week free trial is also available!
  • Merril Lynch Online: E-zine with information for investors and individuals. Some articles are provided as audio files.
  • TurtleTrader will teach you techniques the best in the business use every day. Stop relying on simple buy and hold strategies. Obtain the opportunistic plan of attack that has routinely generated returns of 30-100% for the last 25 years.
  • Bank of America has a site about their investment strategy.
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Silicon Investor has a great site for investors interested in tech stocks. The service is free, but you have to register.
  • Prudential Securities Weekly Strategy Review contains timely market insights and opinions from their experts.
  • Buttonwood.net:. An investor's helper website. Contains crucial information critical to investors wishing to make intelligent investment decisions. Not a "stock-picking" (or pushing) website. We provide the investor with information (of which several sections are free) that enables him/her to monitor investments weekly, establish new positions, and relinquish old ones.
  • The Growth List: Welcome Technical Analysts.

Tools for Investors
  • SpeedResearch: A downloadable Web browser designed to expedite the stock research process. Build portfolios and link them to hundreds of stock research sites.
  • SSInvestor: Source of unbiased equity research for long term investors.
  • StockTables.com: Advanced screening and research tools on over 10,000 stocks daily - Try It Free!
  • Wholematrix allows you to clip your favorite financial web sites' most valuable data right from your browser's screen, and then uniquely evaluate this data collectively so to produce the types of analysis which are important to you.
  • Stoxxx - Technical analysis and charting tool shareware
  • Barkley's OASIS tm: Online portfolio and risk management resource: consulting, software, and litigation support.
  • Investors Software: Choose from a large selection of financial software, both for novice and expert investors.
  • MicroStar: Easy to use stocks, bonds, mutual funds and futures software available. Take control of your financial future.
Useful Sites:
  • NEW Keystone Online Stock Indices: Indepth information on fundamental and technical factors that move the indices. Economic calendar of events and reports.
  • Center for Professional Develpoment in Finance designs and offers training programs for finance professionals. It is the goal of CPDF to acquaint finance practioners with the latest concepts and their applications.
  • Internet Investing's guide to after hours trading, pre-market trading, after-hours brokers, extended hours quotes and links.
  • Stocktrade Network: Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C. offers 10 to 1 margin for professional daytraders only. Basket trading. Full remote access. "ROX" order entry executes stock market orders in seconds.
  • Asset Advisory Corporation: Receive buy/sell advice on over 8700 stocks in a "plain English" style report. Impressive 15 year track record.
  • The INSIDE ADVISOR provides up-to-date weekly info on the major buying and selling activity of those in-the-know --- THE INSIDERS!
  • Savvy Stops: Comprehensive collection of financial and investment links.
  • Spiwatch Charting & Technical Research: Training & education in charting techniques & technical analysis for global markets. Beginners thro to advanced courses. Daily & Weekly Technical Alerts & Analysis.
  • Bay-Street.com: Online Financial Resources for the Individual Investor
  • Spredgar: Spredgar Software offers a Microsoft Excel® add-in called SPREDGAR™, which rapidly calculates and graphs 30 standard financial ratios from the 10-K and 10-Q filings stored on the Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR® database.
  • CNET Investor provides news, research and insight to business information enthusiasts by offering breaking news, stock quotes, broker reports, stock split announcements, personal portfolios and IPO reports.
  • KingFine: Stock bulletin board and stock picking contest site.
  • Stockscreener: This site allows you to search for stocks which meet certain predefined criterias. A very useful tool to filter the market.
  • Quotefree: Quotes, News, Summaries from North American Stock Exchanges.
  • Briefing.com Market analysis and research.
  • The Value Point Analysis Financial Forum: A place where a community of investors can have a unique experience by directly utilizing a proprietary financial computer model, the Value Point Analysis (VPA) model, that allows you to evaluate the intrinsic value of stocks and to participate in a forum where you can post the results of your evaluations and input assumptions for all the community to view, access and chat about.
  • Marketcentral offers financial and investment information of all kind.
  • Merril Lynch's Investor Learning Center: If you're about to make a major financial decision, or you're just curious about how to cope with financial and investing issues, this is a good place to start.

File Your Taxes Electronically !
FileSafe Online Tax Preparation and Efiling

Real Time Quotes: Historical Quotes:

Company News
  • On24, the largest Internet Broadcasting Network for online investors, has partnered with Site-By-Site ! ON24 specifically targets online investors, delivering over 100 streaming video and audio stories per day. Through crystal-clear video and audio designed specifically for the internet, ON24 provides coverage of breaking financial news, analysts recommendations, CEO speeches, and constantly updated IPO information.
  • Internet Stocks
  • InsiderTrader is a website for analyzing the trades made by corporate executives and directors of their own company's shares. This "insider trading" is not only legal, it is reported by executives to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) via documents called Form 4s and Form 144s.
  • Corporate Financial Online: Corporate Financials Online, Inc., provides news announcements and investor information issued by public companies.
  • Cyberstocks, a service from Hoover's devoted to companies profiting from the internet. Daily news, quotes and charts, company earnings and more. For those interested in U.S. Cyberstocks the starting point.
  • Disclosure, Inc. Disclosure is the world's preferred single-source provider of business and financial company information.
  • Global Penny Stocks, features & recommends stocks trading under $5.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE is the leading source for information on the Semiconductor, Semiconductor Equipment and Flat Panel Display Industries.
  • Nasdaqnews: Nasdaq-News for reporters and anyone interested in the Nasdaq.
  • Nordby Broker Reports: Get the last 6 months of Broker Reports for any public company
  • PR Newswire: Business news, company news.
  • Reuters Securities News: Top stories of the day.
  • Research Magazine
  • Silicon Investor: Tech stock news.
  • Westergaard Online: News on micro-cap companies.
  • Yahoo! White Pages: Alphanumeric index lets you search for a specific company news.
IPO's & DRIP's
Initial Public Offerings & Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • IPO Central: News and information on the latest initial public offerings. More information and news has Yahoo IPO News.
  • CBS Marketwatch has a daily report.
  • Another source of IPO-news is Investorguide's Web site. On the same site: A large directory of companies offering DRIP's.
  • IPO Financial: Telephone Network that is 85% accurate predicting IPOs & Secondarys. IPOfn is used by Billion Dollar Money Manages and Small Investors. Forums,Contests, Pricing Recaps, Calendar Updates & Brokerage Listings.
  • Netstock Direct, the online source of information on direct investing and the channel for direct investors to access information and materials related to direct stock plans.
Corporate Earnings

Company Research

Zacks Investment Research

Exclusive Investment Research image

Multex Investor Network: Daily new research for the Serious Investor.

Investor Scam Centre: Learn about stock market fraud and current trading scams. Visitors can file or search for prior complaints against brokers and publicly traded companies.

  • Standard&Poors 500 Companies:Pacific Brokerage Service' Web Page has links to all 500 S&P companies. You get a comprehensive fundamental overview about the respective company, the latest quote for the stock and the traded options. A very useful site.
  • Standard&Poors:On this site you can get up to five S&P Ratings right from the source - Standard&Poors. Delivery via EMail.
SmallCaps / Micro Stocks
There's a lot of information for SmallCap-Invesotsd out there. How do you distinguish between reputable and non-reputable sources? Make sure to visit The Stock Detective.
Always make sure to check, check, check information presented online, whether for small caps or large caps. But check it out before you invest.

MicroCap 1000

Other Public Companies
  • Internet Stocks: Web site devoted entirely to Internet Stocks
  • Black & Company: Black & Company provides Streetnet users with access to complete research reports on 10 current stock picks, The Research Quarterly (newsletter), Annual Top Ten List and their Research Focus List.
  • Company Report Search: An alphabetical index lets you search for a specific company report.
  • Hoover's Databases: Access the Hoover's Databases
  • Industry Research by CBS Marketwatch
  • InvestQuest® is an interactive service providing comprehensive information about selected public companies to specific segments of the investment community and to individual investors. The database is searchable for various criteria. A very useful site !
  • MediaComm's Financial Netcenter offers corporate information for more than 250 companies.
  • NASDAQ 100 Companies: Also provided by Pacific Brokerage Services - Quotes, Company Snapshot and Options quotes.
  • PRARS: Annual Reports
  • QSAOnline.com is a web based corporate valuation model which allows users to accurately assess a companies "Intrinsic Business Value" and determine "valuation zones" which it trades within. QSAOnline.com allows clients, who are active traders, excellent trading opportunities while also providing longer term traders a solid basis for valuing their positions. $
  • WSRN's database has entries for over 17,000 companies. Currently, there are approximately 190,000 links to such items as SEC documents, company home pages, annual reports, press releases and other investor information, stock quotes, graphs, audio and more. Companies can be accessed by ticker symbol, or looked up in our alphabetical index or by full or partial name.

Mining Industry Links
  • Goldsheet: Probably the most comprehensive web site about mining companies. An extensive, but well sorted list of links to companies and other resources like quotes and charts. This site is truly amazing.
  • Minerals and Mining Statistics Divisionhas information and current statistics on the Canadian mineral industry: Mineral Exploration, Mineral Production, Mineral Consumption and Mineral Trade, Canadian Mining Facts, Mineral Producers in Canada and Publications. (English/French).
  • Info-Mine provides the most comprehensive international daily mining news service available. Some information are free. Info-Mine Universal Company Search:Info-Mines Database lets you search for mining companies worldwide. You can narrow the search by geographical regions. You get the company address and you have the opportunity to buy more information.
  • The Northern Miner: The latest mining information from around the world.
  • MiningUSA: Links for further research and to company homepages worldwide.
  • Mining News provided by Canada News Wire

Economic Monitor
Daily Market Data
Economy at a Glance
Links to the Government
Links to Statistical Resources
Other Economic Resources
  • Hussman Econometrics: Market Climate Analysis and Outlook. Free "Market Climate" outlook and commentary based on a unique, proprietary, and historically reliable combination of fundamental and technical analysis.
  • The Dismal Scientist is committed to providing timely, accurate, and useful economic information to better help you make business decisions.
  • Bank Rate Monitor: Choose a state to find the rates from lenders in your area.
  • The Employment Preview was created to inform traders of U.S. Treasury futures of economic trends developing in the labor market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the monthly employment situation report on the first Friday of the month. This is usually one of the most active and volatile days of the month for interest rates and Treasury futures prices. The Employment Preview gives both technical and fundamental analysis of the labor market as well as how the employment numbers will impact Treasury Bond futures prices.
  • Federal Reserve Banks
  • Economic News and Events Calendar
  • DBC's Daily Calendar: Updated daily with a look at the week ahead.
  • FRED Database: Federal Reserve Economic Data

Online Trading

Gomez Advisors is the leading independent authority devoted to on-line financial services. Our Scorecards help consumers choose the Internet financial service provider that's right for them.

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