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  • Signal Logic: Now making our proprietary MaxProfit trading technology available to everyone. Institutionally tested, easy to use, profitable. We provide the signals you make the trades. FREE trial and newsletter available.
  • Daytrading Signals: Timing systems for trading US indexes.
  • TradePro - Direct access day trading broker using RealTick trading platform
  • www.TheGoldSector.com - Trade Gold, Silver and Energy Stocks and ETF's with 87% Accuracy!
  • Trending123.com - Technical analysis on stocks, indices, and currencies using chart patterns and Elliot waves with daily stock picks and voice commentary.
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The following sites are very comprehensive and provide complete market coverage, news, tools, and many more.

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  • Hussman Econometrics: Market Climate Analysis and Outlook. Free "Market Climate" outlook and commentary based on a unique, proprietary, and historically reliable combination of fundamental and technical analysis.
  • The Dismal Scientist is committed to providing timely, accurate, and useful economic information to better help you make business decisions.
  • Bank Rate Monitor: Choose a state to find the rates from lenders in your area.
  • Economic outlooks and industry forecasts from Bank of America experts.
Company Research

Zacks Investment Research

  • Investor Scam Centre: Learn about stock market fraud and current trading scams. Visitors can file or search for prior complaints against brokers and publicly traded companies.
  • SEC Filings (EDGAR)
  • Annual Reports
  • Investor Research
  • Financial Statements
  • PennyStockInsider.com - Small-cap investment research and trading strategies.
  • PennyStockWorld.com - A source for advice on investing, researching stocks, discount brokers, hot company reports, and more.
  • Goldsheet - An extensive, but well sorted list of links to companies and other resources like quotes and charts
  • Contrarian Investing Association - The Contrarian Investing Association looks for strongly financed, growing companies that are undervalued by the market for the wrong reasons, believing that the market will come to appreciate their true value over time..
  • OnlineBrokers.com - Compare Online Brokers by price, features, service and overall rating. Find the broker that's right for you.
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