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Statistics, Economy & Organizations
  • International Data Base - Produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, IDB is a data bank containing statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for 227 countries and areas of the world

  • InfoNation - From the United Nations, this site allows users to generate customized statistical and comparative tables using current information for all UN member countries

  • CIA World Factbook

  • IMF - The IMF is an organization of 184 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty.

  • Organization of American States OAS

  • OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • AACCLA - Assoc. of  American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America

  • SICE - Foreign Trade Information System

News & Commentaries

North America: Online Resources
  • The globeinvestor.com combines the most complete, impartial coverage of North American stocks with powerful analytical tools that can slice, dice and dissect data into useful intelligence.

  • Inter-American Development Bank: Developmement bank focusing on economic cooperation between North and Latin America.

  • The World Factbook: Table of Contents for North America, Economy Section

  • Office of NAFTA & Inter-American Affairs Market Access and Compliance

  • Bureau of Economic Analysis: BEA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the nation's economic accountant, preparing estimates that illuminate key national, international, and regional aspects of the U.S. economy.

  • TheWIRE - Associated Press: Links to dozens of online news sites offering access to the Associated Press newswire. (USA)

  • CNN: US News

  • ABCNEWS.com: U.S. Late-breaking U.S. news right off the wire.

  • U.S. News Online: News, searchable archives, a forum, and this week's issue.

  • USA Today: National daily with news updates, opinion, special reports, and searchable archives.

  • Canadian Press and Broadcast News: Daily news and photos from Canada's national cooperative news service. In English and French.

  • Canada.com: News from across Canada.

  • Canadian Online Explorer: Provides news and information, including photos and data from Canada and around the world. "It's information you can't get elsewhere, and best of all it's put together by Canadians for Canadians."

  • National Post: Nationwide publication that delivers news, arts, sports and financial information.

  • The United States - Articles by Economist.com

South America: Online Resources
  • LatinStocks.com: Latin American financial markets and business information with focus on Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Stocks, bonds, funds, research, forums, the first Latin American Financial and Business search engine, and much more. Spanish service.

  • Patagon.com: Latin American Investment Megasite. Market data for 10 countries. Offers online brokerage services. Real-time quotes. News. Forums. Investment game with monthly prize.

  • OAS Foreign Trade Information System (SICE) Sistema de Información al Comercio Exterior is the information technology arm of the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States (OAS).

  • Organization of American States Documents, press releases, news and program information in English and Spanish.

  • The World Factbook: Table of Contents for South America, Economy Section

  • Latin American Economic System (SELA)

  • Center for Latin American Capital Markets: On this site you will find original research and general research tools for academics, investors and professionals interested in conducting research on Latin American Capital Markets.

  • The Research Department of Corredores Asociados: gives strategic support to the sales desk, preparing different reports on the stock market, on listed companies and on the Colombian economy.

  • LatinFocus is the first stop for professionals seeking reliable business research information on Latin American economies.  Since its conception in 1998, the LatinFocus website has become one of the fastest growing and most essential economic and financial information sources for Latin America on the web. 

American Markets
  • North American Stock Indices

  • Latin American Stock Indices

  • InfoMoney focuses on providing financial information about the Brazilian market. News, stock quotes, technical and fundamental analysis and interactive tools. (Portugese)

  • Financial Times: Daily Update U.S. Markets

  • Financial Chat is home to the Internet's most sophisticated and active real-time trading chatrooms. In our forums, we have some of the world's finest traders with us daily, willing to share information in real time, as well as educate and assist you in your trading. Real traders trading US and foreign markets, posting real-time trades, and giving real-time market commentary.

  • StocksAbroad.com - Resources for Investing in Asia and Latin America Stocks




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