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Municipal Securities

Municipal Securities (Bonds) are debt obligations issued by states, cities, counties, and other governmental entities to raise money to build schools, highways, hospitals, other not-for-profit entities, and many other projects for the public good.
You can also purchase Insured Municipal Bonds. Bond insurance protects your investment by assuring the timely payment of principal and interest on a bond in the event the borrower is unable to meet their debt service obligations. Although bond insurance does not protect the market value of a security, insured bonds have historically retained more of their value than their uninsured counterparts during periods of financial stress. (Legg Mason)

  • Investor's Guide: Municipal Bonds and Insured Munis (pdf)
  • - Geared toward many types of investors--from beginners to experienced equity investors who are new to bonds to sophisticated bond is a unique source of bond price information and includes a wide variety of market data, news, commentary and information about bonds. The site has been ranked as a top investor site for bonds by Money, CNBC, Forbes and others and is continually enhanced and updated with new data, information and features.
  • Tax-Free vs. Taxable Yield Comparison Calculator
    Compare what you need to earn on a taxable security to equal the tax-free yield of a municipal bond.
  • Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
    The MSRB makes rules regulating dealers who deal in municipal bonds, municipal notes, and other municipal securities. This web site contains useful information for municipal securities investors, dealers and the general public.
  • UBS Municipal Securities
    New Issue Calendar, Specialized Capabilities and Market Commentary
  • Municipal Securities Information Sources
    Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories (NRMSIRs)
  • is a tax-free municipal bond firm that provides bond buyers with exceptional value and insight in the tax-free bond market.
  • Legg Mason Municipal Securities
  • Savvy investors and securities professionals use the online services of BondsOnline Group, Inc. - BondsOnline® and PreferredsOnline™ - for information, education and direction in making bond and fixed income investment decisions. From tracking bond prices and bond market news, to searching for preferred stocks and convertible preferred stocks, to self directed education, active personal advice and bond trading,
  • Municipal Bond Transactions
    Municipal bond trades, as reported to the MSRB*, on the prior trading day are included in each Daily Report. The Daily Report will typically include about 11,000 issues out of the 1.4 million issues which are outstanding. The History contains trades executed since June, 2000.
  • Bondtrac provides full disclosure of broker/dealer offerings in municipal, corporate, agency, US Treasury and CD markets. This information is available by subscription to broker/dealers, banks, financial advisors, institutions, foundations, trust departments, state & local governmental agencies and individuals.
  • The California Municipal Market Report is written by Stone & Youngberg LLC, California's leading underwriter of municipal securities.

Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds (also called corporates) are debt obligations, or IOU's, issued by private and public corporations. They are typically issued in multiples of $1,000 and/or $5,000. Companies use the funds they raise from selling bonds for a variety of purposes, from building facilities to purchasing equipment to expanding the business.

When you buy a bond, you are lending money to the corporation that issued it, which promises to return your money, or principal, on a specified maturity date. Until that time, it also pays you a stated rate of interest, usually semiannually. The interest payments you receive from corporate bonds are taxable. Unlikestocks, bonds do not give you an ownership interest in the issuing company.

  • An Investor's Guide to Corporate Bonds
  • NASD BondInfo
    This website has been designed to assist the bond investor in obtaining valuable market information about corporate bonds. This site will give you an opportunity to review basic descriptive information on many corporate bonds, as well as individual and summary transaction data gathered by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD).
    Your source for fixed income investing. If you are looking for information, education and direction in making bond investment decisions- from tracking bond prices and bond market news to self directed education and bond trading. BondsOnline is your source.

Equity / Sectors / Industries
  • CNN Economic News
  • The Dismal Scientiest: Economic Commentary & Forecasts
    Each business day they publish original analysis on a variety of topical subjects. They supplement their regular analysis with special analysis articles during periods of breaking news.
  • Merrill Lynch Research: Fixed Income, Economics and more.
  • Barclays Global Investors Market Commentary provides timely analysis of market and economic activity on a monthly basis. The commentary reviews significant changes in the world's key financial markets during the previous month and how these changes may impact future market activity.
  • Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC (CSAM)
    Market news & views and strategic reports from the CSAM research team provides interesting views and also information about CSAM funds.
  • Global Economic Forum: The latest views of Morgan Stanley Economists about domestic and foreign economies.
  • Global Strategy Forum: The latest views of Morgan Stanley Strategists and Economists Worldwide.
  • Market Commentaries by Van Kampen Investments
  • Dreyfus Market Commentaries: In this section you'll find insights into various segments of the markets from Dreyfus' own economic and investment teams. These commentaries are updated on a regular basis: Technology Market Commentary, Global and International Commentary, Small Cap Market Commentary, Large Cap Market Commentary, Fixed Income Commentary and Money Market Commentary.


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