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Dear Sir / Madam,

The Weekly Review and the Weekly Commentary are provided on a subscription-only basis. All other parts of the site are free. Here you can learn how to subscribe.

Follow these links to view a sample issue of the Weekly Review and the Weekly Commentary .

Our Weekly Review gives investors more data than any other weekly reporting service. Every issue reports data from the previous Friday, including:

  • Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Market Price
  • Discount/Premium
  • Year-To-Date Discount/Premium
  • 52-week Discount/Premium
  • 1-Week NAV Return
  • Year-To-Date NAV Return
  • 52-Week NAV Return
  • 1-Week Market Return
  • Year-To-Date Market Return
  • 52-Week Market Return
  • NAV Yield
  • Market Yield
  • 52-Week Volume
All data provided by CDA/Wiesenberger, a leading data provider for the closed-end fund industry.

In addition to comparing the current week's data versus historical averages, Weekly Review highlights potential buy and sell opportunities through twelve "top-ten" tables. Each monday you'll also get the Weekly Commentary, summarizing the previous week, complete with additional news and updates.
You'll also receive infrequently in-depth country/region reports, compiling recent research and economic data.

Before subscribing please note: The Weekly Review and the Commentary are available by downloading! We DO NOT send the review or the commentary via e-mail to our subscribers. You will be informed when the new CEF Review is available for downloading.

You have the choice for the following subscription plans:

  • One month: US$ 29.95

  • Three months: US$ 79.95 (US$ 26.95/month)

  • Six months: US$ 149.95 (US$ 24.99/month)

  • Twelve months: US$ 239.95 (US$ 19.99/month)

Click here to start your subscription now. By entering a subscription you confirm that you have read and understood our Subscriber Agreement Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy!
We accept the following Credit Cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express. If you prefer to pay per cheque please send it to:

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456 Mountain Road
Fairlee, VT 05045
Please include Credit Card Number, Exp. Date, Name on Card and your e-mail address.

Alternatively, you can fax your Credit Card information to: (651) 305 0243

Thank you for your business !