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South Africa
Central Banks

South Africa

  • The South African Reserve Bank has a monthly economic overview, main focus on money supply. They also provide the current market rates (updated daily).

United States of America

  • Federal Reserve Board
    Statistics: Releases and Historical Data
    Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual, including commercial paper, loan charge-offs, and medium term notes


  • ECB Monthly Bulletins: All documents are available as hard copy in the languages specified free of charge from the European Central Bank.
  • CORDIS: Multilingual Research and Development in Europe




United Kingdom




News & Commentaries
South Africa:
European Markets
  • Euroweek provides vital news and analysis for executives in the international capital markets. Every Friday Euroweek reports on the people, events, and all the week's deals in the international bond, loan, and equity markets.
  • European Stock Indices
  • Financial Times: Daily Update
  • CNNfn News: European Markets
  • Webfinanser is the financial site for Scandinavian market. We give you all you need in the area of finances for Scandinavia. (Multilingual)
  • PathEast is a research and consulting company that specializes in helping clients identify and capitalize on investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
  • www.karoll.net focuses on the financial/economic/capital market news and analyses of the emerging capital markets in Bulgaria, Romania and Russia. The site provides the latest stock exchanges news, quotes, comments and technical analyses as well as the opportunities to invest on those three dynamic markets.

FTSE 100 · CAC 40 · Dax 100

Asian Markets
American Markets

  • North American Stock Indices
  • Latin American Stock Indices
  • InfoMoney focuses on providing financial information about the Brazilian market. News, stock quotes, technical and fundamental analysis and interactive tools. (Portugese)
  • Financial Times: Daily Update U.S. Markets
  • Financial Chat is home to the Internet's most sophisticated and active real-time trading chatrooms. In our forums, we have some of the world's finest traders with us daily, willing to share information in real time, as well as educate and assist you in your trading. Real traders trading US and foreign markets, posting real-time trades, and giving real-time market commentary.

Emerging Markets

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