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Closed-End Fund Week in Review for Friday, August 14, 2009

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Closed end country funds closed the week in positive territory. Of 83 such funds tracked by Thomson Reuters, 28 funds finished in positive territory, 54 finished in negative territory and 1 remain unchanged.

The average fund narrowed to -1.23 percent compared to 2.43 percent in market price the previous week. The average discount of market price from net asset value per share widened to -6.62 percent from -5.48 percent the week before.

Rounding out the top three performers for the week was Alpine Global Dynamic Div Fd which gained 4.21 percent followed by Delaware Enhanced Glb Div & Inc Fd which gained 3.39 percent and Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund which advanced 3.38 percent.

Leading the bottom performers for the week was India Fund which dropped -12.14 percent, followed by Templeton Emerging Markets Fd which lost -7.57 percent and Cohen&Steers Worldwide Realty Inc which lost -6.18 percent


As of Friday, August 14, 2009:

Top Ten Funds by Upward Change in Current Discount/Premium versus Previous Week:

Top Ten Funds by Upward Change in Current Discount/Premium versus 52-Week Average:

Top Ten Funds by Downward Change in Current Discount/Premium versus Previous Week:

Top Ten Funds by Downward Change in Current Discount/Premium versus 52-Week Average:

Top Ten Funds by YTD NAV Return:

Top Ten Funds by YTD Market Return:

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- Data Download application

The U.S. Department of Labor

US Department of Commerce

Conference Board

STAT USA - Service of the US Department of Commerce provides market research and business data.

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Fund Group Averages Discount /  Premium (52 Week D/P) as of August 14, 2009:

Diversified Equity (527 Funds) -1.66% (-3.25%)
Sector Funds (193 Funds) -0.02% (-0.66%)
International Equity (295 Funds) -1.97% (-3.29%)
International Bond (48 Funds) -5.75% (-11.31%)
Corporate Bond (37 Funds) -0.09% (-5.39%)
General Bond (60 Funds) -4.68% (-7.85%)
Government Securities (36 Funds) -1.41%  (-3.99%)
Municipal Securities (124 Funds) -0.85%  (-5.58%)
Municipal Single State (156 Funds) -2.75%  (-9.27%)
TOTAL FUND COUNT: 1,476 Funds -1.77% (-4.33%)

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