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Fund profiles, end-of-day quotes and fundamentals provided by:

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Caldwell Investment Mgmt Ltd. Profile 800-256-2441
CAMAF Profile 800- 267-4713
Canada Life Assurance Co. Profile 888-252-1847
Canada Trust Mutual Funds Investments
Cdn. Dental Service Plans Inc. (CDA) Profile 800-561-9401
Canso Fund Management Ltd. 905-707-5031
Capital Alliance Management Inc. Profile 800-304-2330
Capstone Consultants Ltd. Profile 800-207-0067
Cartier Mutual Funds Inc. Profile 877-664-1666
Cassels Blaikie & Co. Ltd. - 800-263-2385
CenterFire Growth Fund Profile 888-777-2949
CentrePost Mutual Funds Profile 800-268-9597
Century DJ Fund Profile 416-681-1827
Chou Associates Management Inc. Profile 416-299-6749
C.I. Mutual Funds Profile 800-563-5181
CIBC Securities Inc. Profile 800-465-3863
Clarica Investco Inc. Profile 888-864-5463
ClaringtonFunds Inc. Profile 888-860-9888
Clean Environment Mutual Funds See Acuity 800-461-4570
Colonia Life Insurance Company - 800-463-9297
Commercial Union Life Assurance Company of Canada Profile 800- 268-4102
Co-operators Life Insurance Co. Profile 800-604-0050
Co-operators Mutual Funds Limited Profile 866-866-2635
Concordia Life Insurance Company Profile 800-463-9297
Corporation Financiere LaSalle Inc. Profile 514-365-8000
Cote 100 Inc. Profile 800-454-2683
Counsel Wealth Management Profile 877-625-9885
Covington Capital Corporation Profile 416-365-0060
Crocus Investment Fund Profile 800-361-7777
Crystal Wealth Mgmt System Ltd. Profile 877-299-2854
CSA Management Enterprises Ltd. Profile 800-363-3463
CTI Mutual Funds Profile 888-817-8881
CUMIS Life Insurance Company Profile 800-468-1977
Cundill Investment Research Ltd. - 800-663-0156
Deacon Capital Corporation
DGC Entertainment Ventures Corp. Profile 800-382-1159
Dominion Equity Resource Fund Inc. Profile 403-531-2657
Dynamic Mutual Funds (Dundee) Profile 800-268-8186
Efunds Asset Management Limited Profile 416-642-2828
Elliott & Page Ltd. Profile 800-363-6647
Emerging 3rd Millennium Growth Fund Inc. Profile 877-415-3434
Empire Financial Group Profile 613-548-1881
ENSIS Management Inc. Profile 204-949-3700
Equitable Life Profile 800-387-0588
Ethical Funds Inc. Profile 800-267-5019
Everest Funds »»
see Canada Trust
Evolution FM Inc. Profile 800-231-6539
Excalibur Investment Strategies Inc. Profile 800-706-1420
Excel Funds Management Inc. Profile 888-813-9813
FESA Association - 800-563-3857
Fidelity Canada Ltd. Profile 888-203-4778
Fiducie Desjardins Profile 800-361-2680
First Canadian Mutual Funds See BMO 800-665-7700
First Grenadier Fund Management - 800-268-9165
First Horizon Capital Corp. Profile 800-665-1158
First Ontario LSIF Ltd. Profile 800-777-7506
First Trust Portfolios Profile 877-622-5552
FISQ Profile 877-393-1555
Fonds de solidarite des trav. du Quebec Profile 800-361-5017
Les Fonds d'Investissements FMOQ Profile 888-542-8597
Fonds des Professionels du Quebec Profile 888-377-7337
Formula Growth Ltd. Profile 514-288-5136
Franklin Templeton Investments Profile 800-387-0830
Friedberg Commodity Management Inc. Profile 800-461-2700

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