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Fund profiles, end-of-day quotes and fundamentals provided by:

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Quadrus Group of Funds Profile 888-532-3322
R Group of Funds Profile 877-876-6989
RBC Insurance Profile 800-669-1928
Retrocom Growth Fund Profile 888-743-5627
Royal & SunAlliance Financial Profile 800-263-1747
Royal Mutual Funds Profile 800-463-3863
Sagit Management Ltd. Profile 800-663-1003
Saxon Funds Profile 888-AT-SAXON
Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Profile 800-265-1888
Scotia Securities Inc. Profile 800-268-9269
Scudder Maxxum Co. Profile 800-850-3863
SEI Investments Canada Company Profile 416-368-9220
Seaboard Life Insurance Company
(See Apex Funds)
- 800-363-2166
Sentry Select Capital Corp. Profile 888-246-6656
Sogefonds MFQ Inc. Profile 888-703-4480
Spectrum Investments Profile 800-404-2227
SSQ VIE Rentes (Astra) Profile 800-320-4887
Standard Life Profile 800-665-6237
Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd. Profile 888-345-0756
Stone & Co. Ltd. Profile 800-336-9528
StrategicNova Mutual Funds Profile 800-408-2311
Strathy Investment Management Profile 416-368-9820
Sun Life of Canada Profile 800-786-5433
SVC O'Donnell Funds Management Inc. See StrategicNova
Synergy Asset Management Profile 888-664-4784
TAL Institutional Management Profile 416-364-5620
Talvest Fund Management Inc. Profile
TD Asset Management Inc Profile
Templeton International (Canada) - 800-387-0830
Tera Capital Profile 416-368-8372
The Independent Order of Foresters Profile 800-268-6091 Phone
The Juniper Fund Management Corporation Profile 888-897-8921
The Mutual Group See Clarica    
The Royal Trust Co. Profile 604-408-6000
Thomson Kernaghan & Co. Ltd. Profile 800-216-4398
Thornmark Asset Management Inc. Profile 416-205-9533
Tip Investment Advisors Ltd. Profile 866-861-1010
Titan Investment Management Corp. - 888-547-0008
Tradex Management Inc. Profile 800-567-3863
Transamerica Life Insurance Co. of Canada Profile 416-290-2818
Triax Capital Holdings Ltd. Profile 800-407-0287
Trillium Growth Capital Inc. - 800-853-6333
Trimark Investment Mgmt. Inc. See AIM Funds
Tristar Mutual Funds Corporation - 888-575-6616
Trust General du Canada Profile 800-280-3088
Twenty-First Century Funds Inc. Profile 888-299-2121
The Universal Funds
(Mackenzie Financial Corporation)
- 800-387-0780
University Avenue Mgmt. Ltd. Profile 800-465-1812
Valorem Inc. Profile 888-922-5622
Value Contrarian Asset Management Inc. Profile 514-398-0808
VenGrowth Capital Management Inc. (See also BPI-Funds) Profile 800-387-0614
Vertex One Asset Management Inc. Profile 888-432-5350
Westbury Canadian Life Insurance Co. See RBC Insurance
Workers Investment Fund, Inc. Profile 800-456-0199
Working Opportunity Fund Profile 604-688-9631
Working Ventures Profile 800-268-8244
YMG Capital Management Inc. Profile 888-964-3533
Zenith Management and Research Corp. Profile 877-362-2442
Zurich Life Insurance Co of Canada Profile 800-387-5454

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