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Fund profiles, end-of-day quotes and fundamentals provided by:

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Mackenzie Financial Corp.
See also the The Industrial Group of Funds, Ivy Funds and The Universal Funds.
Profile -
Maestral Profile 866-522-1234
Mandate Management Corporation Profile 604-731-2899
Manulife Cabot Profile 888-588-7999
Manulife Financial Profile 800-265-7401
Marathon Mutual Funds See Northwest Mutual
Maritime Life Assurance Co. Profile 902-453-4300
Mawer Mutual Funds Profile 888-549-6248
Maxxum Group of Funds See Scudder MAXXUM Co.
McDonald Financial Corporation Profile 416-594-1979
McElvaine Investment Management Ltd. Profile 613-544-1596
McLean Budden Limited Profile 800-884-0436
MD Management Ltd. Profile 800-267-4022
Members Mutual Management Corp. Profile 888-560-2218
Merrill Lynch Investment Management Inc. Profile 888-888-3863
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. - 800-638-5433
Middlefield Fund Management Ltd. Profile 416-362-0714
Millenium Mutual Funds - 888-647-3611
MOF Management Ltd. Profile 800-663-6370
Montrusco Bolton Profile 514-842-6464
Mulvihill Wealth Management Profile 416-681-3900
Natcan Investment Mgmt. Inc. Profile 800-363-3511
National Bank Mutual Funds Profile 888-270-3941
National Life of Canada Profile 800-242-9753
Navigator Fund Company, Ltd. See StrategicNova
NCE Financial Corporation Profile 800-563-4623
NN Financial See Transamerica Life Ins Co of
Norrep Inc. Profile 403-531-2650
North Growth Management Ltd. Profile 604-688-5440
North West Life Assurance Co. of Canada Profile 604-689-1211
Northwest Mutual Funds Inc. Profile 888-809-3333
Nova Bancorp Invest Mmgt Ltd. See StrategicNova
O'Donnell Investment Mgmt. Corp. See SVC O'Donnell
Ontario Teachers Group Inc. Profile 800-263-9541
Optimum Placements Inc. Profile 888-678-4686
Opus 2 Direct.com Inc. Profile 877-296-7872
Orbit Mutual Funds Profile 888-376-7815
Ordre des Ingenieurs du Quebec See Gestion FERIQUE
Pacific Capital Management Ltd. Profile 800-662-5338
Pengrowth Energy Trust Profile -
Perigee No-Load Mutual Funds Profile 888-437-3333
Phillips, Hager & North Investment Mgmt. Profile 800-661-6141
Primerica (PFSL) Investments Canada Ltd. Profile 800-387-7876
Pursuit Financial Management Corp. Profile 800-253-9619
Putnam See also Great West Profile 800-665-5758

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