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Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds (also called corporates) are debt obligations, or IOU's, issued by private and public corporations. They are typically issued in multiples of $1,000 and/or $5,000. Companies use the funds they raise from selling bonds for a variety of purposes, from building facilities to purchasing equipment to expanding the business.

When you buy a bond, you are lending money to the corporation that issued it, which promises to return your money, or principal, on a specified maturity date. Until that time, it also pays you a stated rate of interest, usually semiannually. The interest payments you receive from corporate bonds are taxable. Unlikestocks, bonds do not give you an ownership interest in the issuing company.

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    This website has been designed to assist the bond investor in obtaining valuable market information about corporate bonds. This site will give you an opportunity to review basic descriptive information on many corporate bonds, as well as individual and summary transaction data gathered by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD). The NASD has a database on corporate bonds that can help you get market information about corporate bonds.
    Your source for fixed income investing. If you are looking for information, education and direction in making bond investment decisions- from tracking bond prices and bond market news to self directed education and bond trading. BondsOnline is your source.
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Corporate Bond Funds: Group Averages (February 22, 2008)
Premium (D/P)
YTD D/P 52-week D/P 1-week NAV YTD NAV 52-week NAV 1-week MKT 52-week MKT YTD MKT
-6.35 -5.49 -5.96 -0.18 -4.60 -6.33 -0.05 -9.94 -1.85

TickerName SponsorTotal Assets
ARK BlackRock Senior High Income Fund, Inc. BlackRock$419
BDF Rivus Bond Fund MBIA$97
BHD BlackRock Strategic Bond Trust BlackRock$98
BHY BlackRock High Yield Trust BlackRock$60
CFD 40/86 Strategic Income Fund Conseco Fund Group$99
CIF MFS Intermediate High Income Fund MFS$108
CIK Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC $218
COY BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund, Inc. BlackRock$440
CYE BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund III, Inc. BlackRock$465
DHF Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund Dreyfus$435
DHY Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC $336
DSU BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund, Inc. BlackRock$932
EAD Evergreen Income Advantage Fund Evergreen Investments$1,420
HIF Western Asset High Income Fund, Inc Legg Mason$55
HIO Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund, Inc Legg Mason$520
HIS BlackRock High Income Shares BlackRock$208
HYB New America High Income Fund T. Rowe Price$341
HYI High Yield Income Fund Prudential$81
HYP High Yield Plus Fund Prudential$87
HYT BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund VI, Inc. BlackRock$623
HYV BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund V, Inc. BlackRock$583
KHI DWS High Income Trust DWS Scudder $259
LBC Lehman Brothers First Trust Income Opportunity Fund Lehman Brothers$272
MHY Western Asset Managed High Income Fund, Inc Legg Mason$307
MSY Morgan Stanley High Yield Fund Morgan Stanley Institutional $88
NOX Neuberger Berman Income Opportunity Fund Neuberger Berman$396
PCN PIMCO Corporate Income Fund Allianz Global Investors Fund Management $803
PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund Pacholder & Company$228
PHK PIMCO High Income Fund Allianz Global Investors Fund Management $2,600
PHY Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Highland Capital Management, L.P. $145
PTY PIMCO Corporate Opportunity Fund Allianz Global Investors Fund Management $1,550
VLT Van Kampen High Income Trust II Van Kampen$144
ZIF Western Asset Zenix Income Fund, Inc Legg Mason$90

Data Source:  Nuveen / Thomson Financial